Floor Safes Can Keep Your Firearms And Valuables Invisible

Floor safes are used not only in homes, but also in offices and other business locations.  These are among the least detectable of safes, and in that respect offer a measure of security not found in wall safes or free standing gun safes.  However, it should be kept in mind that most floor safes offer relatively limited storage space, and most will only accommodate hand guns, although several models will allow you to keep some long guns in them.  As floor safes are typically concealed beneath carpeting or furniture, they are also less accessible to those who have installed them.  A floor safe is probably not the place to put a hand gun if you want to be able to reach it quickly.

How Floor Safes Offer Security

In addition to the fact that it will be nearly impossible for a burglar to find a floor safe, many models also give you some measure of fire protection usually not found in smaller safes.  The reason for this will depend in part upon the construction of the safe, but also about where it is situated.  Although floor safes can be fastened to the floor joists, the most secure method is to embed the safe in concrete.  This not only makes the safe impossible for a thief to remove (even if he somehow found the safe), but also makes the safe fireproof.  You should be aware, however, that these safes are not waterproof, and it is always wise to put the contents into sealable plastic bags or containers.

A Wider Variety Than You Might Expect

Floor safes are not just small chambers sunken into your floor, there is actually quite a range of styles and sizes.  In most cases, it will be possible to store not only jewelry and cash in one of these safes, but also pistols.  Longer floor safes are also available that will allow protection for rifles and shotguns.
•    The Amsec Super Brute B-1500 is a strong, reliable floor safe that is perfect for storing valuables at home or at a place of business.  The interior is large enough (approximately 11” by 13” by 9”) to hold a pistol or two as well as important documents and cash.  Although this safe is available with either a combination or electric lock, water could render the electric lock useless.
•    If you are looking for a floor safe that comes to you, you might consider installing the Protex Lifto-1414 Auto-Lift Floor Safe.  This is a battery operated floor safe that is designed to rise up from the floor to give you easy access to the contents.  The Protex Lifto gives you just under 1 cubic foot of storage space, and the removable shelf lets you store handguns and other valuables neatly.  A key is provided in case the digital lock is inoperable.
•    BedBunker floor safes are available in two models, the BedBunker FS-300 and the BedBunker GSCS-100.  The FS-300 is meant to be installed between floor joists, and is 36” wide by 14” deep and 10” high.  Short barreled rifles, as well as handguns will be easy to store in this floor safe.  For those with longer barreled firearms, the GSCS-100 is ideal.  This BedBunker has an outside width of 78”, so most rifles and shotguns will fit into this floor safe with no problem.  The GSCS-100 is meant to be embedded in concrete, rendering the safe impossible to remove and fireproof as well.