Wall Safes Are Ideal For Handguns And Other Valuables

There are several reasons for installing a wall safe in your house or apartment.  The first, obviously, is to keep valuables as secure as possible from theft.  Home burglaries account for a significant amount of the crime committed in the United States every year – over 2 million break-ins occur per annum.  When thieves burglarize a home they are looking for money, guns, jewelry, and rare collectibles.  Putting these items in a drawer or under the mattress is the same as leaving them out on the coffee table with a sign on them that says, “Take me!”

Another concern, if you have handguns, is that children will find them and either harm themselves or others.  Young children as simply not able to comprehend a logical sequence of events, and their curiosity can often lead them into danger.  Even if you do not have children yourself, relatives and friends might well bring children along with them when they visit.  One of the best ways to protect your valuables and children is by installing a wall safe.  Concealing a wall safe behind a picture will add another layer of security.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

A child who sees a pistol lying on a bed stand might well be tempted to ‘play’ with it.  Small children might confuse a real gun with a toy gun, too, so making sure that the handgun is safely stored is important.  A wall safe is an ideal spot to put your handgun, there will be basically no way that any child, yours or someone else’s, will be able to get a hold of the gun.

Valuables, too, should be kept in a wall safe.  Although it is not recommended that you keep very valuable items, such as expensive jewelry, in a wall safe for a long period of time (use a safe deposit box at your bank), temporary storage is fine.  Important documents can also be kept in a wall safe.  When burglars break into a house, they want to be in and out as quickly as possible – even if they locate your wall safe, getting into it may simply take too much time.

There Is A Wide Range Of Wall Safes

As with most products, wall safes come in a range of prices and features.  The wall safe you choose should be the best you can afford for what you want to protect.  Remember that all wall safes will be installed between the wall studs, so be sure you know how far apart yours are.
•    Honeywell First Alert Wall Safe 2070AF.  This is a moderately priced wall safe that features hidden hinges and a recessed door (this makes it more difficult to using a prying instrument to force the safe).  A digital lock is backed up by a key in case of a power outage or you forget the combination.  A light goes on when the safe door is opened, and the shelf can be removed for storage of larger items.
•    Amsec West2114 Hidden Wall Safe.  The Amsec is a heavier duty wall safe than the Honeywell above, which is reflected in its price.  The interior of the safe is just over 20” high, and has a width of nearly 14” and a depth of almost 4”.  This wall safe is meant to provide a high degree of protection again burglary and features a door 3/16” thick.  The lock is digital, but a key is provided in case an emergency override is required.
•    Homak In-the-Wall Gun Safe.  This is a very reasonably priced and practical safe that will allow you to conceal your long guns inside the wall.  You will be able to store 3 guns in this safe.  The Homak is best situated behind drapery or a tall piece of furniture.  A closet is another sensible place to put this wall safe.  One advantage to this safe is that few thieves will expect long guns to be stored inside the wall.