When You Need Top Flight Security – Think Remington Safes

You probably think that when a thief breaks into a home that the first thing he goes for is money, but this is simply not the case.  Guns are the primary target of burglars; cash is actually quite far down on the list, below electronic equipment or prescription medications.  The fact that most households today consist of two wage earners will leave your home empty and inviting to a thief during the daylight hours, when no one is at home.  Please don’t think that a burglar alarm system will prevent or stop a robbery, either, housebreakers work fast and will usually be out and away long before the police arrive.  A quality gun safe, like a Remington gun safe, will usually discourage a thief so much that he will simply leave empty handed.

Great Security Features

The test of any gun safe is how hard it will be for someone to break it open and how resistant to a house fire it will be.  Remington gun safes are designed to keep what is important to you where it belongs – in your possession – rather than being carried off by some miscreant.  To begin with, Remington uses ‘unibody’ construction, which minimizes weak seam lines.  Steel shells and composite sheets in the door provide strength and protection from fire. You can check out these fingerprint gun safe reviews by thegunsafes if you are planning to buy one. Relockers are a good way to foil thieves who have actually managed to gain some access to the lock mechanism itself – Remington gun safes have 2 relocking systems to make sure that what is inside your safe stays there.  Because prying open an upright safe is nearly impossible, every safe made by this company comes with predrilled holes so that the safe can be bolted to the floor, preventing it from being tipped open and attacked.  A Remington gun safe will also keep that which is most precious to you, your children, away from possible harm.  You’ll also be happy to know that Remington gun safes come with a lifetime guarantee. Cannon is one of the popular brand when it comes to premium quality gun safes.

Choosing The Best Remington For Your Needs

There can be a number of factors that will influence your choice of gun safe.  If you have only a few long guns and pistols, you will probably be able to make do with a smaller Remington.  Even the smallest of the Remington line gives you plenty of space to store other valuables.  These safes come with either combination, digital, or biometric locks, depending on model.
•    The Sportsman series is the most economical in the Remington line.  However, these gun safes are constructed with the same care put into every Remington product and will provide excellent protection for your firearms.  The Remington Sportsman 20 can store up to 22 long guns safely.  The Sportsman line of safes is designed to resist fires of up to 1,200 degrees F for 30 minutes.
•    The Magnum 50 is one that will be perfect for those who have a more extensive collection of guns.  This gun safe can keep up to 41 guns out of the wrong hands, and this includes curious children as well as thieves.  Tough 11 gauge steel forms the body and door of this safe and it is backed up by enough fireboard to keep the contents safe from a fire of 1,200 degrees for one hour.  A shelf that extends the width of the safe provides plenty of space for other valuables.
•    When you’re looking for the ultimate in Remington safes, you might want to add one from the Premier Line to your home.  All the safes in this line engage bolts on all 4 sides of the door which, along with the interior hinges and other security measures make this safe nearly impossible to break into.  Premier model safes are able to stand up to a 1,200 degree five for 2 ½ hours, making these one of the best places to keep not only guns, but also important documents.  The interior of the safe is lined with velour to prevent any accidental damage to your guns.