About Daniel

Daniel is a freelance digital manager who has a keen interest in using digital devices and technology in marketing strategies. You can find him here on this blog, where he mostly writes about his experiences and views on the digital marketing world and hitchhiking.

He likes hitchhiking, and it is an activity that he indulges in often. He has developed the love for hitchhiking, and it is among his main side interests when he is not executing a media content strategy, or working on this blog.

Sounds like a good match, but you’ll be the judge of that. Daniel has a great interest in all things surrounding digital marketing, and his social media profiles attest to this.

Thumbing and hitching rides is also among his favorite activities, and he often asks people for rides on highways, petrol stations, or outside town when he is on a hitchhiking expedition. Pick him up and offer him a ride when you see him out there hitching.

Freelance is his thing since this allows him to be flexible. He knows when to schedule, when to run digital marketing campaigns, and when to hitch for rides on highways across the country or even abroad.