What I’ve learned about critical thinking

The key ideas that I have learned this week include problem-solving and how to use Turnitin to present plagiarism free work. Problem solving is essential in getting solutions to problems using various methods. Problem solving involves four basic steps. These steps are; defining the problem, generating alternatives to the problem, evaluating and selecting alternatives, and, finally, implementing the solutions. I’ve also found, that we have the barriers to critical thinking and creative thinking. I’m learning to overcome them now.

Critical thinking is the ability to solve a problem by considering a broad range of perspectives. This is possible through keen examination of the information. The skills that are involved in critical thinking include rationality, honesty, judgment, and self-awareness. These skills provide the basis for writing high-quality academic work. Critical thinking and academic writing are directly related as for students to produce high-quality academic papers; they must be able to think critically. Students employ these skills when evaluating and using different sources, understanding of arguments and when applying concepts. Turnitin is used to check for plagiarism and ensure that students present their original work. It does this by checking similarities in form and content of assignments with other materials present on the internet.

The knowledge that I have gained this week will help be able to think critically when handling assignments and other tasks to ensure that I produce the best results. The quality of work is essential, and that is why Turnitin will help me in my classwork to be able to present work that is not copied. I can also apply the same in my professional development to produce papers that contain original content only. The knowledge of critical thinking is also not limited to school work. I will need it in handling various projects in my profession. Critical thinking and Turnitin are valuable skills that I can take them with me to any place or job that I may take.